Experienced Real Estate Attorneys

swtcommercialrealestatepageThe Rowlett Hill Collins LLP real estate team provides quality representation to clients in both complex and simple, but equally as important, real estate transactions.  For sophisticated transactions, clients trust our ability to handle every aspect of the deal, from due diligence through the proper execution of documents for disposition… and everything in between.  We represent clients in matters involving:

  • Acquisition, development and disposition of improved and unimproved land
  • Real estate financing
  • Specialty financing agreements (lease buy-back, land banking, and distressed asset transactions)
  • Commercial leasing contracts
  • Property management agreements
  • Joint Ventures
  • Loan workouts

Successful Real Property Transactions

We believe the starting point for any successful real property transaction is having an in depth understanding of our client’s business and goals.  It’s also critical to conduct the very best due diligence on entities with which they want to enter business ventures, and advise them on the advantages and disadvantages of different options for structuring the arrangement.  Clients rely on us for objective opinions about the profitability of, and risks associated with, particular real estate transactions.  But they also enjoy the “insider” understanding we have of their objectives, limitations, and future growth plans.

The RHC legal team has extensive experience in a wide array of commercial real estate transactions, including those involving:

  • Multi-family apartments
  • Hotel and motel
  • Office building and commercial space
  • Shopping center and retail
  • Student housing (on and off campus)
  • Residential neighborhood development, including master plan subdivisions and condominium complexes
  • Mixed use developments

Track Record of Successful Deals

Negotiation of excellent contract terms for our clients is of paramount importance to our firm.  However, we recognize that the ability to work well with different entities is a key component to success in the real estate industry.  We’ve successfully completed transactions with universities, developers, builders, property management companies, municipalities, and even bankruptcy trustees.  We are often brought in during the early planning stages of a transaction, when research and contract negotiation are critically important.  But we also have extension experience in late stage or problematic deals, where bringing the sides back together is the only path to a successful outcome.

Contact Our Real Estate Lawyers

The Rowlett Hill Collins LLP legal team is completely committed to our clients’ success in commercial real estate transactions.  When you need to ensure your rights are protected, contact our firm to confidentially discuss your matter.