Corporate Transactions that Protect Your Business

HandshakeThe very best strategy for winning costly litigation is to take the right steps to prevent it.  For companies and entrepreneurs, this means putting in place sound policies, processes, contracts, and contingency plans that further growth strategies, and protect against situations that drain valuable economic and human resources.

The attorneys at Rowlett Hill Collins LLP are experts in preventing costly litigation, ensuring compliance with federal, state and local laws, creating quality workplaces, and protecting corporate property and reputations.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients to formulate and execute the most profitable corporate transactions, including:

  • Choosing and properly creating the best corporate entities for taxation and liability purposes.
  • Setting-up processes to ensure fiduciary and management duties are met.
  • Entering into contracts with the right entities… at the right time… with the right terms.
  • Creating documents that protect corporate interests throughout the business’ life cycle.
  • Accounting for future changes that may require a different, more creative course of action.

Partnering with Internal and External Players

The excellent relationships we have with our corporate clients stem from our commitment to understanding their business goals, and working effectively with their various divisions and leaders.  In addition, we also recognize that success depends on relationships with others who have the same or opposing interests to that of our clients, such as CPAs, insurance companies, government agencies, investors, and attorneys.  We understand how to build solid relationships with the people and entities our clients rely upon for their goal attainment, but we also bring an extensive knowledge of what can go wrong if the right actions aren’t taken.

Strong Business Experience

In addition to over 58 years of combined law practice experience, our attorneys bring unique business backgrounds to every matter we handle.  Lynn Collins has an extensive background in taxation, and served as in-house counsel for a large home builder.   John Rowlett holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University and has experience in international banking and finance.  Don Hill negotiated contracts with the government on behalf of one of the largest defense contractors in the world, and also earned his MBA from the University of North Texas.  This broad business experience puts our attorneys in an excellent position to handle important corporate transactions, including:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Distressed Asset Trading
  • Specialty Lending Agreements
  • Commercial Contracts

Contact the RHC Corporate Lawyers

Whether you need assistance with negotiating the terms of a commercial contract, or drafting iron-clad language to protect your business in a complex real estate transaction, contact the legal team at Rowlett Hill Collins LLP.  We will study your situation and help you implement the very best strategy and course of action to ensure your rights are protected.   We represent clients throughout and United States and Texas, including those located in or doing business in Dallas, Corpus Christi, El Paso, and Fort Worth.