Distressed Asset Transaction Attorneys

Construction SiteUnique and specialized legal transactions require unique and specialized experience.  Nowhere is this more true than in the area of distressed asset trading.  With hundreds of successful transactions completed, the attorneys at Rowlett Hill Collins LLP have earned a reputation as some of the nation’s foremost experts in the sale and purchase of distressed debt instruments.

We represent banks, hedge funds, and other financial institutions on both sides of complex distressed debt transactions, and we’ve done so in the best and worst market conditions.  Our goal remains the same – to help ensure that our clients’ investment positions in these securities are protected in every way possible.  We do this by providing a number of important services, including:

  • Advising on legal issues relating to the purchase and sale of U.S. and international distressed assets, including distressed loans, trade claims, and other claims against insolvent debtors.
  • Negotiating and drafting purchase and sale agreements relating to distressed debt and trade claims.
  • Providing analysis and advice relating to collateral perfection issues, bankruptcy, insolvency and restructurings affecting the issuer and investor.

Contact Experience Distressed Asset Lawyers

Whether your organization is an experienced distressed asset investor, or looking to enter the market for the first time, the RHC legal can help.  Contact our office today at (214) 706-9193 or email hidden; JavaScript is required to discuss your investment strategy.  All information is kept strictly confidential.