Dallas Business Litigation Attorneys

swtwhitecollarcrimepageThe attorneys at Rowlett Hill Collins LLP have a proven track record of success in resolving disputes between businesses, as well as those that arise between individuals in commercial matters.  In addition to an unmatched work ethic, our litigation team brings two key advantages to our client’s disputes:

  • We have experience at all phases of business disputes, including pre-lawsuit settlements, discovery, trials, and appeals.  Unlike other law firms that must bring in another firm for appellate work, we’re able to advise clients from the start on how a matter may ultimately resolve, and more importantly, the costs and resources that will be necessary to obtain a satisfactory outcome.
  • Our attorneys all have valuable work experience in the corporate sector, either prior to entering the practice of law or in a corporate counsel capacity, and includes attorneys with graduate business degrees or certifications in finance and accounting.  This provides a unique perspective on the business side of resolving legal disputes, and what it may mean to a client’s long-term financial stability, reputation, and ongoing business relationships.

Types of Business Disputes

Clients trust our litigation team to effectively handle the prosecution and defense of a multitude of complex business disputes in both State and Federal courts. These include cases involving:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Fraud
  • Employer-Employee Relationships
  • Unfair Competition
  • Commercial Collections
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Truth in Lending Claims
  • Loan Defaults
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

The Key to Effective Resolution

The key to obtaining excellent results in business litigation is knowing when to fight, but also when to work out a compromise that will best serve the long-term interests of the client.  Because we are a small law firm, we have the ability to obtain a very strong understanding of our clients’ businesses.  We know how their profit and revenue work, what resources are available, how the company culture views dispute resolution, and other intangibles that are only known when time is taken to understand our client’s business.

We are proud to represent small, medium, and large corporate clients at all phases of the business life cycle, from start-ups to well-established leaders in their industries.  Our valued clients include:

  • Regional and National Banks
  • Consumer Finance Companies
  • Oil and Gas Investors and Entrepreneurs
  • Paper Products Manufacturers and Converters
  • Real Estate and Construction Companies
  • Hedge Funds

Flexible Fee Arrangements

While many of our representations are handled on a traditional hourly rate billing method, our firm understands that not all businesses and entrepreneurs who have sound claims to prosecute are in a position to pay the large retainers and hourly rates typically required to hire a qualified firm with experienced attorneys.  In certain circumstances, our firm may offer to take on a litigation representation on a contingency basis or a hybrid “mixed fee” basis after consultation with the prospective client and analysis of the suitability of the matter for such a fee arrangement.

Contact Our Experienced Texas Litigators

If you are already involved in a dispute, or anticipate needing the help of an experienced business litigation attorney, contact the legal team at Rowlett Hill Collins LLP today.  Your initial consultation is free of charge, and all information is kept strictly confidential, even if you do not hire our firm.  We represent clients across the state of Texas, including those located in Dallas, Houston, Ft. Worth, Austin and San Antonio, as well as out of state clients who do business in the U.S. and abroad.